Lunch Menu

Available from Monday to Friday, 12 to 2:30pm

Dishes of the week

  • Chicon au gratin

    served with mashed potatoes
  • Big Goat Cheese Salad

    Kale, dried fruits, orange dressing and pomegrenate
  • Pasta fresca butternut and cream of parmiggiano

    fresh pasta crispy parmiggiano

Soup of the day

with locally sourced veggies
  • Gaspacho

    freshly made gaspacho
    On site€7
  • Gaspacho, bread and butter

    salted butter and sourdough baguette
    On site€7.5

  • Like a Bánh mì

    marinated, fried tofu, homemade sriracha mayonnaise, ginger pickled carrots, fresh coriander
    on site€9
  • Selection From Comptoir Cheese

    changing every few months, only the best cheeses from a meilleur ouvrier de France :-)
    on site€9
  • Combo Sandwich + Soup

    any sandwich with a soup
    on site€12.5
  • Tempeh curry

    like a chicken-curry but veganized :)
    on site€9.5